We have introduced Aquasset, which is an Asset management approach in the field of irrigation infrastructure asset. The management model can be constructed and it will assess and monitor the serviceability of irrigation infrastructure, including assets' condition, performance and importance. Besides, it is suggested that many irrigation assets are in on-going decay and great consideration must be given to replacement requirements over the asset's life.

Web Based Asset Management

It is a sophisticated approach to handle the assets and finances using Geospatial technology.

Its core competency lies in providing solutions across the entire geo-spatial domain – from data creation, conversion, analysis, modeling and management.

Various types of data can be associated with an asset such as maintenance history, photos, inspection reports or virtually any data which is compiled into a separate file system.

With GIS, infrastructure assets can be sorted by installation date, location, dimensional characteristics, etc.

In simple words, just a few clicks on the map or a typing of few words can get you all the information with relevant documents, pictures, etc using the asset management system developed by us.

Design Information Module

The entire design and estimates of the Irrigation scheme will be integrated with GIS for user friendly graphical interface and easy to access data.

The hydraulic design will be synchronized with GI & the digitized maps will be visible simultaneously with the data in the form of inventory.

Only few clicks can give the entire design & estimate of the irrigation scheme.

Execution Supervision Module

This module will help the engineers to update on day to day progress of execution of the irrigation scheme.

The deadlines & proposed timelines can be integrated in the module for time to time executions and work quality maintenance.

By clicking pictures and writing appropriate remarks which can be viewed by the higher authority can improve work quality.

This will help the project to run parallel to the desired timelines. Also, the quality of the execution of works can be monitored.

Asset Management & Maintainance Module

After the successful execution of the project, the maintenance and routine structural checks should be done. This module will be designed especially for that.

The reminders for the periodic checks of structures, hydraulic designs, etc should be checked after a certain period of time.

These checks and its data can be input in the module. Thus with the previous data and current input data, a detailed history can be created for understanding the cycle of the project.


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