Road Asset Management Solutions

Transportation infrastructure assets are not only costly to build but also expensive to maintain in order to adequately meet public expectation. The key issue is to how to manage existing assets in way that it delivers maximum benefit to public taking into account limited financial resources.

Road asset management system reviewed from perspective of four major components such as goals, budget, asset and performance. There are several issues at policy level of analysis such as set up long term goals, expansion of road network, traffic safety action plans, environmental impact analysis, economic development and other; at budget level to plan year and multi year financing plan, budget breakdown and cost estimation; at data management level inventory and condition data collection, database management, traffic data and other; at performance modeling level to predict future condition, network level analysis and other; at programme optimization level to perform economic, environmental and risk analysis, multi-criteria analysis and other; implementation programme to carry out construction, maintenance and operation of assets and other. Proposed approach to network level of analysis simplifies road network evaluation and uses the analytic hierarchy process to rank regions in terms of asset, cost and traffic. The data needed for the analysis is available in road agencies or easy to collect.


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