Soil Investigation

Geotechnical investigation is critical to any successful completion of a construction project. Soil has several characteristics and compositions which contribute to its behavioral properties and parameters. Therefore soil exploration is essential to know these characteristics to decide foundation design. Foundation and stability for any new structure requires an understanding and in-depth study of geological subsurface. HRP Infra provides skilled teams who are able to work effectively in any given environment around the world, on a wide range of strata. We are well-versed in the requirements of international reporting codes, so our exploration programmes will meet required specifications from start to finish, minimizing costly delays and re-sampling when it comes to producing resource statements.

Our soil testing services examine your soil’s chemical and geotechnical properties, enabling you to:

  • Determine the suitability of the soil and assess whether it can accommodate your construction project

  • Identify the different types of soil on your site and their location

  • Test your soil for strength, density, compaction, contamination, organics and sand content, and assess their impact on your construction project

  • Gain the data you need to compile technical and safety data reports to support planning permissions and license applications

  • Get precise results and observe the development of the soil throughout your construction project for maximum quality and safety


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