Third Party Inspection

At HRP Infra, we strongly believe in offering high-quality and detail oriented services to our clients. We provide a full service of a QA/QC program of inspection, documentation as well as reporting including the testing analysis.

In technical terms, we ensure that our quality management department assists the companies in preparing or reviewing specifications or requirements in accordance with the principles of the project and the services and the Quality Requirements. In addition to that, it will arrange solutions for any technical disputes that may arise and technically support companies to resolve technical issues or requirements ensuring project quality. This includes mainly the conflict between the client and the contractor whose main interest is in cutting cost sometimes at the expense of quality.This makes it liable for the third party inspection for the infrastructure projects or EPC contracts, quality control as well as quality assurance departments.

We, at HRP InfraConsultant Pvt. Ltd., the third party inspection play a major role. In addition to this, thequality management department also performs quality assurance review on design drawings and shop drawings in order to ensure proper detailing, standardization of details and that the technical information matches the projects specification.

The Quality Management is a process involved in all project aspects and we support clients with the preparation and review of engineering, procurement and construction deliverables during all project phases including manuals, reports, method statements, inspection and test plans, procedures, plans, list, requisitions, technical bid analyses to ensure quality of these deliverables. This includes the set-up of documentation systems, identification and referencing of all procedures, including communication procedures to match the projects quality system requirements or ISO 9001 : 2008.

Quality Management Services are summarized below:

  • Implementation of QA/QC procedures & Auditing
  • Technical Solutions, Support and Advice.
  • In-situ QA/QC
  • Specification Review
  • Deliverables Review/Preparation
  • QA on Design Drawings and Technical Details
  • Document Control and Documentation procedures
  • Technical Support for Procurement
  • Training Support for QA/ QC

We ensure to carry technical inspection, verification, testing as well as conformity assessment for the constructioncompanies. The core values of complete independence, transparency and integrity guide us in our mission to deliver first-class services on a constant high quality level to customers around the world.

Finally we will support its QA/QC services by in-house training of project staff in issues pertaining to quality system and procedures including document control, quality inspection, quality plans and procedures, deliverables review and QA/QC on Field.


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