Oil & Gas Pipeline

The Detailed Design of Oil & Gas Pipeline Includes the Following:

  • Feasibility Study

  • Alignment Survey

  • Soil Investigation

  • Cadastral Survey

  • Right of Use (ROU)

  • Acquisition as per Government Act

  • Statutory Clearances

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Management (EIA/EMP)

  • Social Impact and Rehabilitation Assessment (RA)

  • Disaster Management studies including Environmental Clearances

For further optimization study the assessment of terrain, geology, soil strata (visual), land use, forest area, land cost, weather, administrative jurisdiction and related information are identified and then considered in the design. Further, the establishment of trench centreline, Staking and survey measurements for angles, distances and ground profile, Preparation of strip plan, alignment, and crossing drawings &Collection of Meteorological data, population density, utility and administrative jurisdiction is done for centreline and detailed survey.


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