Project Management Consultant, widely known by the abbreviated form PMC in the construction industry is an engineering contractor that overlooks over various EPC contractors who works to ensure compliance with the client scope of works.

Handling Construction Projects

The Project Management Consultancyisviable to handle a variety of roles during the construction engineering process. As each and every construction has its own requirements, it demands the full attention, professionalism and energy of its project team. We understand this and we ensure that every construction project undertaken by us is being guided by an experienced leader to make it happen.

At HRP Infra, we are well aware of the wide variety of rolesto play during the construction process.As a result, we focus to provide our clients with resourceful services that give them satisfaction in terms of business development ultimately resulting with profit, resource utilization and many more. Being a PMC, we understand that we have to play multifaceted part in the construction project, while getting involved in the project from its inception to its completion.

Need For Consultancy

  • Shortage of specialized staff with the Industry since at present the supervisory staff conversant with latest construction technique is not available in bulk.
  • Shortage of supervisors who are not updated with latest technologies and can be associated with a single project.
  • Faster execution of projects in short time.

PMC Roles and Responsibilities at HRP Infra

There is no specific definition of project consultant and so are the job roles and responsibilities. Majority of the definitions that describe project management consultants are based on their roles and responsibility and services as well as the tools and skills they have in delivering a task assigned by the client or the owner of the project.

At HRP Infra, the Project management is considered as the art of directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project by using modem management techniques to achieve pre-determined objectives of scope, cost, time, and quality and participation satisfaction. When offered consultation it is helping the clients who seek expert knowledge or some opinions on some engineering problems or anything that involves engineering matters.

Our consultation services maybe brief or extended, as per the requirements which involves only few hours of time, with the clients sitting across the desk of the consultant. Other consultation may require traveling, some period of substantial portion of a consultant's time over a period of several months, and repeated presentations and discussions with the client.


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