Utility Detection & Mapping

What is Utility Detection & Mapping ?

We, HRP Infra, have been working with the governmental organisations since a decade and understand the exclusivity and confidentiality of governmental work. Hence, we have developed Utitrex, which is a web based utility management & will provide a unique platform for generating timely and cost effective deliverables.

Utitrex involves GIS services such as geo-referencing, digitization, attribution, theme creation, map preparation, data analysis and report generation, computer aided designing, drafting services, etc. The client’s requirements are paid utmost attention and the work is done in close co-ordination with the client.

Web Based Utility Management

It is a sophisticated approach to handle the utilities using Geospatial technology. It will use a range of modern tools used for geographic mapping and analysis. Its main aptitude lies in giving solutions from data creation, conversion, analysis, modeling and management. A combination of unique skill sets with expert realm and functional capabilities is the primary and distinctive differentiator of HRP Infra. Just a few clicks on the map or a typing of few words can get you all the information with relevant documents, pictures, etc using the asset management system developed by us.

A municipal GIS System involves several steps including:

  • Digitization of existing spatial entities such as base maps

  • Updation of utilities

  • Infrastructure database creation

  • Survey of the individual utilities

  • Updation of the non-spatial database on a day to day citizen centric level

Urban Infrastructure planning, development and analysis for the future infrastructure requires a robust GIS system which Utitrex can deliver.

The generation of thematic map / zoning map creates a high visual impact and is used for assessment of several sectors such as for water network planning, drainage planning, storm water planning, etc.

Utitrex will also propose paths for the upcoming utilities by analysis of the existing scenarios on the field.

The updated spatial and non-spatial database on Utitrex system helps the concerned municipality to export and print the generated maps for any specific usage by the concerned field officer, or the property owner at any point of time thereby saving cost and time.


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